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  • Talal1N Alqahtani
    Talal1N Alqahtani

    This is like second son

  • PokeAlex 2010
    PokeAlex 2010

    Spore in a nutshell:

  • 松前

    Where is HYPER SCAPE???

  • okyanus incesu
    okyanus incesu

    romba+drone+claymore=godest wepon

  • josealberto corleto
    josealberto corleto

    why is boy friends feet so big that he uses it as a car

  • Peter

    What was the song that played when the guy showed the demo?

  • PstarJmarco

    To be fair if the hackers having fun, then it’s still valid

  • Gaming Rapter
    Gaming Rapter

    Circle toons should

  • cereal with bleach
    cereal with bleach

    NITW, s+ tier

  • DigikidForever

    I have to disagree. These are excellent games. If you want an awful boring game series I suggest you look up Minecraft, those awful Battle Royale games, and E.T.

  • Nushama Nushama
    Nushama Nushama

    I was right next door eating my cerial

  • Alansar Trignot
    Alansar Trignot

    Heh, for me it’s like, “now I can’t find this game for the DS anymore, I’m sad”


    As a man who lives his life by rogue likes this is true

  • MG WEW2
    MG WEW2

    When you finally go to the Hollow in EtG thanks to the BSG but the game throws at you all the enemies it has like they're packs of hungry wolves

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    It's been so long

  • Felipe Vergara
    Felipe Vergara

    I watched this on 2x speed, amazing

  • Luis E Morales Falcon
    Luis E Morales Falcon

    Dude this happened to me when I started re playing Skyrim LE for my PS4, I only managed to write Luis rather than a more complete name.

  • Strelitzia Mystery21
    Strelitzia Mystery21

    I think the game would of been better if we did Abby's part first. When I got to that part in the game, I didn't care for her story. But imagine playing the game as Abby first without knowing she killed Joel. You would go through the games with hints if what happened and then we finally see who is the mysterious person killing all of Abby's friends. It would be a plot twist that its Ellie. Then we play the first part of the orignal game and see that Abby killed Joel. After that we play the game from Ellie's POV. Then after they meet the in the cinema the game can go similarity to the actual game from that point onwards. I feel that the big reason no one liked Abby was due to the fact that we know that she killed Joel and so we have a negative opinion of her before we know her character properly.

  • Cyber punk45
    Cyber punk45

    Thor diemon s.t.a.r.s

  • Gaming with memes and other stuff
    Gaming with memes and other stuff


  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy

    The Binding of Isaac: "So I'm just going to give you a bunch of items that don't change your stats in any meaningful ways"

  • Martin Horner
    Martin Horner


  • GrimmyReaper

    Well free to play does help and the comparison between Paladins and Overwatch is not good because it is Blizzard. Blizzard is like the Apple of the game industry. Fucking awful now but people will buy it anyway.

  • GrimmyReaper

    Turns out it was all Bungie. Bungie is fucking terrible.

  • Avery Who
    Avery Who

    Might be referring to how the bosses in the Resident Evil games never seem to die

  • Abdulla Aljabri
    Abdulla Aljabri

    This is me like me

  • Abdulla Aljabri
    Abdulla Aljabri

    The look at the end when you think your on the leader boards yes it told you that but you 10 and they only so 1st 2nd 3 place so you need to past 3 place but he has 300000 Billion and your at 500k

  • Bogun

    this didn't age well

  • ThiccoMode

    i found pills

  • Shadow

    This is exactly what happens except its in Japanese normally.

  • Shadow

    Spooky cave place

  • Shadow

    Tim Videogame, I'm going to legally change my name to that.

  • Shadow

    Amog us

  • Shadow

    This is incredible

  • Shadow

    It's dream irl

  • Shadow

    This is incredible

  • Eli Davis
    Eli Davis

    Cough cough zelda

  • Giant Lard
    Giant Lard

    My soul left my body when I saw that nat 1

  • Giant Lard
    Giant Lard

    My soul left my body when I saw that nat 1

  • DBTRD DJ BOSS The Real Deal
    DBTRD DJ BOSS The Real Deal

    Fall guys is just a ripoff of wipeout

  • LinkBetweenGames

    Zane be like You got bamboozled

  • Sawyer The Great
    Sawyer The Great

    That's like every heart baby in the binding of isaac

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      I hate life I’ve seen owo for so long help me

  • RocketPG_

    when the pill is health down

  • Hat

    When Microsoft names the Xbox’s randomly and in a unordered fashion people complain When Sony names the PlayStations in an completely ordered fashion people also complain I’m confused what do people want

  • james wiseman
    james wiseman

    Dear god HES TO POWERFUL

  • Gray Tantan
    Gray Tantan

    I'm Currently into Ring of Pain and Dead Cells. i'm 91% completed on Enter the Gungeon and on my 112th Run of Hades

  • Just_A_Random_Person

    "Now I have to wait 40 more years to speed run again"

  • The Duke Of Dorks
    The Duke Of Dorks

    Gungeon be like

  • valentin albarracin
    valentin albarracin


  • TheAdvertisement

    Ah so they revived Tony Hawk's ancestor.

  • GrimmyReaper

    Best Gameplay but worst story, characters, writing and dlc offering.

  • Jude_3245addme AkaDoYouAreHaveStupid
    Jude_3245addme AkaDoYouAreHaveStupid

    Bro whats that ending song

  • Sky flame art
    Sky flame art

    I need this 3D printed

  • Sasha Pines / Nguyễn Hiền Hòa
    Sasha Pines / Nguyễn Hiền Hòa

    Synthetik just donate your blood for un holy fire power

  • GrimmyReaper

    To be fair, Sony is the most straightforward with it. It is the 5th PlayStation console so they just call it PlayStation 5. Now Nintendo, i do not understand but Xbox is the worst. At the very least, Nintendo names can be attached to the system. Wii is for we. We play together. Switch is the switch between TV and portable. WiiU is the noise of the ambulance on account it died so fast.

  • lucky_ lilox
    lucky_ lilox

    Your voice sounds like ian from smosh

  • CT Kristensen
    CT Kristensen

    t i m e. p o p s i c l e.

  • Anthony William Ces
    Anthony William Ces

    Me: Crap, he's following me shoot the arrows! Wait... this is making me slow *Dies*

  • Ash B
    Ash B

    Kono suba dub is so funny

  • Yash Thorat
    Yash Thorat

    Well I am Getting into Noita and this just feels like it

  • Local Retard
    Local Retard

    Cave story is a good game

  • Local Retard
    Local Retard

    Dame that skeleton is sick

  • R Contreras
    R Contreras


  • Eli Davis
    Eli Davis

    Halo the best franchise hands down in all realities times and spaces

  • Clever Castillo
    Clever Castillo

    Fighting the Lich in Enter the gungeon be like

  • GGman1174life

    Fortnite used to be fun, but it lost its flavor fast

  • Leviathan Ø
    Leviathan Ø

    Did circletoons voice scales from ninjago

  • just me
    just me

    War zone 😐

  • kane

    Great animations

  • Eli Davis
    Eli Davis

    Why does link have a conscience

  • Anthony William Ces
    Anthony William Ces

    "Bidoof Fainted" "Bidoof didn't faint, it Died, thanks to you, we arest you random child and proffers or who gave the child an tank

  • Eli Davis
    Eli Davis

    If he didn't play the game blindly he'd know that korok seeds are literally korok shits

  • Jawa With A Gun
    Jawa With A Gun


  • King Kobe
    King Kobe

    Even the nuclear claymore was backwards!

  • The Overpreparer, Lamenters 3rd
    The Overpreparer, Lamenters 3rd

    The reason why I'm level 13 was because I was out, getting a life, and saving millions of others. I'm the main story, you're a shitty training arc.

  • TheDemonInUsAll

    *cries in Bethesda*

  • Eli Adest
    Eli Adest

    me who has been obsessed with downwell, and dosent have rng: my goals are beyond ur understanding

  • Red_Tower

    All these popular rougelikes in the comments and I'm just sitting here like "This is exactly the vibe of Dungeons of Dredmor"

  • Eli Davis
    Eli Davis

    I would trade in waluigi for Masohiro Sakurai any day

  • Manny Fett
    Manny Fett

    I would have had the world record if the doctor didn't notice that, due to some weird complications and the fact my mom was supposed to be unable to have kids, if I wasn't given birth C-section my mom would bleed to death and I would drown in her blood