Buying Magical Potions
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  • CircleToonsHD

    HEY YOU! Yeah YOU! STOP RIGHT THERE... hey... HEY STOP IT COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW! Tomorrow at 1PM EST I'm gonna be cracking open a BUTTLOAD of new Pokemon cards right here, LIVE! And maybe idk i was hoping... you could stop by??? 🥺 👉👈

    • Captain Flintlock
      Captain Flintlock

      Aw I missed it, I wish I could time travel

    • Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya
      Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya


    • Lactose intolerant Pig
      Lactose intolerant Pig


    • Kade cation
      Kade cation

      @Hypex Spare nice ;)

    • Trucc Thicc
      Trucc Thicc

      Like it how he's calm about seeing some one turning inside but when he dies.... wait isn't that also something to be freaked out b?

  • pink beard cuckooman
    pink beard cuckooman

    dude just read the item description,its not that hard

  • The Z Family
    The Z Family

    Potion seller...

  • Primaltrainer 101
    Primaltrainer 101

    Potion seller: hello what can I get you Me who's buying one of everything: YES

  • DarkBooman

    And so the world of circlemariel has died under the rule of the daedra beacuse the hero mysterosuly disapeared

  • Frostplays

    If you can figure out the plot, maybe I could code it. To some strange RPG in your art style.

  • Pihtza Ryugi
    Pihtza Ryugi

    This is why the potion seller never sells his finest potions, for they are too powerful.

  • 09SkyFrost

    0:47 This is the most terrible potion awtch

  • 09SkyFrost

    0:29 HQAHAHAHAHHAHA LOL A magic potion, is this your card? 😂😂😂😂

  • 박범서

    go to someone else that sells weaker potion

  • Nick Yu
    Nick Yu

    anyone like me rarely ever use potions in game? (Except for Witcher 3) . They don’t last long and a bit of a waste of inventory space tbh, they tend to clutter up the screen. Most potions besides health ones and some mana ones are pretty useless once you master the mechanics

  • Cristian Salas
    Cristian Salas


  • joskassassin

    keyword there again

  • cheese mouse
    cheese mouse

    0:02 who speak enchanted table i wanna know this

  • Ennui

    So this is what happened to force the potions seller not to sell to the knight.

  • Derick TCG
    Derick TCG

    Potion seller, sell me your STRONGEST POTION

  • Spam

    Ew GrOsS sPiDeR!!1!!!

  • Chi Pa Pa
    Chi Pa Pa

    This is why it's a bad idea to be a beta tester.

  • Specialism

    He should've just drank the skin reverse thingy mcjig again

  • RmbSs

    "Its happened again" Me:Wait *WHAT*

  • Big Thonk
    Big Thonk

    “it tastes like lime” c:

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper

    Plot Twist : That lime potion was just bleach mixed with dish soap

  • François Carrier
    François Carrier

    Does anyone thinks he sounds a lot like Pit from Kid Icarus? Cause i do

  • Cool Boy
    Cool Boy

    Yay u got 2m subs

  • Mallchad

    What's wrong? It's just the BInding of Issac?

  • Ajeet Brar
    Ajeet Brar

    bro u need to make a mobile rpg game it would be so awsome

  • luke mcgale
    luke mcgale


  • Rozez Red
    Rozez Red

    Tasting ingredients in Skyrim

  • Henry Cam
    Henry Cam

    Whereas when I buy potions: "I can't wait to use none of these"

  • It’s Random!
    It’s Random!

    me when I try something i didn’t know was spicy 0:46

  • R.J. Wente
    R.J. Wente

    potion seller, i tell you i need your strongest potions! you cant handle my strongest potions

  • Acerz

    Getting famous off of comments day 1



  • Master Bread
    Master Bread

    hello potion seller

  • bloodred255

    I was expecting him to give him the bones to liquid potion then sell him the antidote.

  • Groovy Bean
    Groovy Bean

    “Oh gross, spiduhh!” *whack whack whack whack whack* I died bruhh

  • Spencer

    When the DM tries to teach you to not be so impulsive.

  • Moishe Rosenberg
    Moishe Rosenberg

    "Potion seller, enough of those games!" >:(

  • Arstotzkan Plague Doctor
    Arstotzkan Plague Doctor



    1:05 animation?

  • Cyrus Edwards
    Cyrus Edwards

    "Potionseller! I am going into battle, and I need your strongest potions."

  • Kirara


  • Pixel Products
    Pixel Products

    Just make a rpg already

  • Bangerz

    Hey look it’s spider man

  • Faith Beveridge-White
    Faith Beveridge-White

    Poison sellers be like: here buy my dru-Errr I mean POTIONS!

  • Fluffy Fluff
    Fluffy Fluff

    His potions were too strong for the adventurer.

  • Shusta Boi
    Shusta Boi

    Potions safe lives

  • Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya
    Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya


  • I Love Llamas
    I Love Llamas

    "Shit, that spider boi's dead" -Sun Tzu. The Art Of War.

  • Zane Youmans
    Zane Youmans

    "Hello Potion Seller. I'm going into battle, and I require your strongest potions..."

  • Rafael R07
    Rafael R07


  • Hooman pet
    Hooman pet

    From this point on, potionseller would never sell his strongest potions ever again and just give medium grade potions so that no-one suffers again

  • Commando Weeberz
    Commando Weeberz

    Potion Seller was right in saying his potions were too strong...

  • MilkAndCookies

    Me: 0:14

  • julie chambers
    julie chambers

    alternate title: bugsnax in a nutshell.

  • Bla

    The traveller couldn't handle his strongest Potions.

  • Elias Cool
    Elias Cool


  • Kimikoru Sarutobi
    Kimikoru Sarutobi

    Wouldn’t it be cool if CircleToons actually made an RPG in his art style and design using his jokes? *Original comment from WitherLord888* Copy so he can see

  • Slender Sans
    Slender Sans

    5 hours later 0:00

  • marcanva

    Please Make a video game

  • Rodney Whiddon
    Rodney Whiddon

    I liked and subbed what a goodmfeeling in my brain

  • Shane McLeer
    Shane McLeer

    I’m gonna need his strongest potions

  • cube boi
    cube boi

    Potion seller, I tell you I am going into battle and want only your strongest potions

  • Wahyuni Indah jaya
    Wahyuni Indah jaya

    So lesson learned never trust a potion seller

  • Always Afk
    Always Afk

    Potion seller, I’m going into battle and I need your strongest potions.

  • Toxy Toxel
    Toxy Toxel


  • DiamondMage

    Oh no, 666k views...

  • Space Shard
    Space Shard

    My quality is so good I can see the pixels on the screen

  • That puh
    That puh

    "Potion seller im heading into battle and i need your strognest potions"

  • Scott Stamp
    Scott Stamp

    Should’ve gone to someone who sold weaker potions

  • KamrOns Korner!
    KamrOns Korner!

    The voice of the OH EW! SPIDER!!!!! (and kills circle) guy was funny

  • StarScreen Studio
    StarScreen Studio

    recording using phone and animate using computer how original

  • Soge 01
    Soge 01

    Seems like being a potion master is more life fulfilling than being an adventurer. XD

  • Maximilian Balistreri
    Maximilian Balistreri

    A- again?

  • Tirshma

    I love how in every video he runs up into frame hyper-ventilating. Amazing.

  • user

    Hello potion seller i am going into battle and i need your strongest potions

  • unknown doowe
    unknown doowe

    Heyyy I'm the 300 disliked

  • Zachary Gidge
    Zachary Gidge

    Circle is amazing at drawing creative monsters and he should make an RPG

  • EKC - Mirak Mirrors
    EKC - Mirak Mirrors

    Hello potion seller... wait, wrong youtuber

  • killerd54

    Why didn't he mention all the potions were temporary.

  • j0sei

    For the love of god just release your RPG game already circle

  • Hi I'm Pugeiner
    Hi I'm Pugeiner

    Anybody expecting for some spider boss music to play?

  • Dargonflames712

    I thought the title was magical potatoes until I read it again.

  • Pilloww

    You should make a video game based on your videos

  • R0CK3T 81
    R0CK3T 81

    why does the potion man sound like @Markiplier ?

  • Tjerk Havik
    Tjerk Havik

    Is there a real game of this?

  • Toxxic

    So we are just going ignore the fact that RPGs let you eat human flesh?

  • Noah Churchill
    Noah Churchill

    The trickster merchant

  • fletch1178 Studios
    fletch1178 Studios

    These videos man they helped me in a tough time thank you so so so much I love your content


    The potion seller's lime concoction is just McDonald's Sprite

  • Master Dementer
    Master Dementer

    "Hello, Potion Seller, I am going into battle and I want your strongest potions." "My potions are too strong for you, traveler." "Potion Seller, I tell you I am going into battle, and I want only your strongest potions." "You can't handle my potions. They're too strong for you." "Potion Seller, listen to me; I want only your strongest potions." "My potions would kill you, traveler. You cannot handle my potions." "Potion Seller, enough of these games. I'm going into battle and I need your strongest potions." "My strongest potions would kill you, traveler. You can't handle my strongest potions. You'd better go to a seller that sells weaker potions." "Potion Seller, I'm telling you right now; I'm going into battle and I need only your strongest potions." "You don't know what you ask, traveler. My strongest potions will kill a dragon, let alone a man. You need a seller that sells weaker potions, because my potions are too strong." "Potion Seller, I'm telling you I need your strongest potions. I'm going into battle! I'm going to battle and I need your strongest potions!" "You can't handle my strongest potions! No one can! My strongest potions are fit for a beast let alone a man." "Potion Seller, what do I have to tell you to get your potions? Why won't you trust me with your strongest potions, Potion Seller? I need them if I'm to be successful in the battle!" "I can't give you my strongest potions because my strongest potions are only for the strongest beings and you are of the weakest." "Well then that's it, Potion Seller. I'll go elsewhere. I'll go elsewhere for my potions." "That's what you'd better do." "I'll go elsewhere for my potions and I'll never come back!" "Good. You're not welcome here! My potions are only for the strongest and you're clearly are not of the strongest you're clearly the weakest." "You've had your say, Potion Seller but I'll have mine. You're a rascal, you're a rascal with no respect for knights. No respect for anything... except your potions!" "Why respect knights... when my potions can do anything that you can." -Potion Seller

  • Toasty_b1

    Can we get a circle toons rpg

  • FireFlower45


  • Neon Horror
    Neon Horror

    Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Republic. The taxation of trade routes to outlaying star systems is in dispute. Hoping to resolve the matter with a blockade of deadly battleships, the greedy Trade Federation has stopped all shipping to the small planet of Naboo. While the congress of the Republic endlessly debates this alarming chain of events, the Supreme Chancellor has secretly dispatched two Jedi Knights, the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy, to settle the conflict.....

  • Isaac Prusky
    Isaac Prusky

    You couldn't handle my strongest potions

  • Narsuaq

    Hello Potion Seller...

  • kirk

    the writing on the sign remindes me of enchantment table text

  • Waddles the pig
    Waddles the pig

    Another plot twist: the boy that killed the spider is actually the shop owners child so he kills the spiders so the dad can keep the money...

  • nathaniel bass
    nathaniel bass

    this sounds like someone's DnD session gone wrong XD

  • Hazel Andrade
    Hazel Andrade


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