Games With Weird Pre-Order Bonuses
I mean... yeah I still want it! It's free!
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  • 27wille

    You will be fine just put this just inject drugs into your arm and you will recover in no time

  • Geek Diário
    Geek Diário

    0:00 Bada-Bing Button

  • The Waffle God
    The Waffle God

    Pre-ordering Modern Warfare 2 Remastered be like

  • Bt Alex
    Bt Alex

    Most pre order bonuses are just small discounts

  • Unfunny Dude
    Unfunny Dude

    I got a keychain for preordering pokemon moon

  • Andrew Curtin
    Andrew Curtin

    As somone who is squimish *inhale* AHHHHH

  • The VideoDude
    The VideoDude

    I don’t think that bullets come out of a gun WITH their shells but whatever

  • Gotti NoLife
    Gotti NoLife

    I an see Gamestop doing this

  • thanh

    was that jam or jelly on his arm

  • Roman -
    Roman -

    He even got the original healing animation from FC2. What a great package.

  • Ajc 7575
    Ajc 7575

    Kind of a sick pre order bonus

  • Christian Boustani
    Christian Boustani

    Such lifelike animation!

  • Ersilia Lopes
    Ersilia Lopes

    A thing of a videogame shoot at him?

  • Aaron Espinosa
    Aaron Espinosa


  • Dino shorts
    Dino shorts

    I can't say that happened to me...

  • Herodegon

    Preorder Dead Island 2 now, and get a biological weapon unleashed in your own town!

  • Jacob

    If you pre ordered infamous second son you got an orange glow in the dark condom.

  • TheAdvertisement

    "Aw thanks for the preorder bonus man hey I want to give you something special y'know?" "Well uh aw shucks you don't gotta do that." "Nah, nah..." _Reached behind counter, grabs another one of the bullets and takes his gun._ "I'd _REALLY_ love to!"

  • Oscar Levy
    Oscar Levy

    Man, imagine the bonus when you buy smash Bros

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia

    EOH: One new Jojo that does nothing

  • Courier 6
    Courier 6

    0:25 if that’s the preorder for far cry, I’d like to have preorder for Fallout: New Vegas remastered please.

  • just don't mind me
    just don't mind me

    We gotta #1 victory royal yeah fortnite we bout to get down

  • BluePandaArmy :-D
    BluePandaArmy :-D

    Infamous second son.exe

  • You're weird Cousin
    You're weird Cousin

    3 shots and only one hit Standard game accuracy right here

  • ScEnE IsLe
    ScEnE IsLe

    I wonder what the "bonus" for a dark souls pre-order would be.

  • Grimmdul

    That's not funny Circle Toons. People die from preorder bonuses

  • Erif The fox
    Erif The fox

    Vas can always shoot me Im a big fan Notice me Vas

  • gilgamesh255

    "Am I gonna die though?" "Nah, don't worry, those bullets heal for negative damage; still smarts like hell though."

  • Cheddar Sun Chips Y e s
    Cheddar Sun Chips Y e s

    I’m surprised no one mentioned that he realistic hand.

  • markponicki

    I wish they still had cool stuff in the collector’s editions. That Infamous 2 backpack was actually useful. You ever use the stuff you get? No.

  • random civillian
    random civillian

    I got a Mario odyssey car freshener for pre-ordering the game

  • Gordonismynickname

    Did you know that tloup2, a game about killing being bad, had a preorder bonus that gave the guns more damage and a bigger magazine so you could kill better.

  • Major Knight
    Major Knight

    He miss two bullets point blank... impressive

  • Non-Point


  • CirCuit

    Oh look, special edition.. OK IVE DONE THIS BEFORE THANK YOU!

  • Rootator

    I don't miss working for gamestop


    Yes kinda

  • Parry This u filthy casual
    Parry This u filthy casual

    0:21 ah yes far cry 4 mini map

  • Trevor Lobitz
    Trevor Lobitz

    I'm thinking back to the infamous: second son glow in the dark condoms. No I am not joking.

  • Joe Benavides
    Joe Benavides

    0:21 when did the budget get so high for this animation

  • Spartan 1337
    Spartan 1337

    i only like far cry 3 and 4

  • Nebula - All Star Tower Defense
    Nebula - All Star Tower Defense

    Did he really dig into his arm just to get a FAKE bullet?!

    • shyan ngayodan
      shyan ngayodan

      Thats fake blood

  • Juan Silva
    Juan Silva

    I hope pre-ordering Back 4 Blood won’t end up like this..


  • Kristyan1197

    When I read the title it reminded me of the words "Hey y'all Scott here" IDK why tho

  • Spiderdudel Yt
    Spiderdudel Yt

    Tf2 has cosmetics where you pre order games on steam and get a cosmetic like a hat or weapon

  • PMDmakesmecri

    And then Nintendo has a port of an older game to the slightly newer console with an new campaign that is basically the original but with more difficulty! (Take a guess)

  • Vedant Sethi
    Vedant Sethi

    I like how there mouths are ao small

  • Reaper LM
    Reaper LM

    Apply a tourniquet you'll be fine

  • Moshuma

    Everyone who pre-ordered the Mario 3D All Stars got a free trip to a hostile galaxy.

  • KarmaThegamer

    That bullet is still in it’s casing!

  • mcgeufer

    I bought a graphics card way back in time. It came with the pre-order version of Half life 2. As it was released the bloody card was almost out dated again.

  • Eukarya _
    Eukarya _

    I got a pin with my preorder of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I didn't even know that was included.

  • Charlie's Bizarre Adventure
    Charlie's Bizarre Adventure

    the part with the knife going in the arm is kinda horrifying the first time . i saw it and just went: HOLY MOTHER FU-

  • TheRealSalty XD
    TheRealSalty XD

    Dude imagine pre-ordering fallout New Vegas. U get shot in the head. At leas here it was his arm.

  • krisp

    Monster hunter rise gave me -10 hours of content

  • Lone Krow
    Lone Krow

    I mean that bullet literally had your character’s name on it, showing that your death wasn’t just “business”, it was a calculated effort against you made personal by the selfish act of the antagonist. All so that he could frame you as a corporate spy for a (barely) rival company, so that he could increase his assets without much fuss from his demoralized workers and underlings in the name of competition and creativity, rather than militarizing his organization for a monopoly on experimental tech. A truly gratifying plot that I’m sure exists, but I don’t know where to find it.

  • Isabelle DeWitt-Gonzalez
    Isabelle DeWitt-Gonzalez

    Honestly if this turned out to be the pre order bonus for Overwatch 2 I wouldn't be mad

  • M Stew
    M Stew

    Stop buying Pre-orders! Thanks

  • X-IEI-X

    To be honest i wish this was pre order bonus for cyberpunk 2077 so i will die and never see how bad its is

  • Jordan

    Cod be like....

  • Bruh Larry
    Bruh Larry

    Not HD

  • jonathan erinder
    jonathan erinder

    Far Cry 2 in a nutshell 0:20

  • Bob The Penguin
    Bob The Penguin

    its just an arm wound, he'll be fiiiiiiiiine


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  • Band Band
    Band Band

    In a video by guru larry, he talks about the pre-order bonus for a game called "Pantie party" that was a real life pair of panties.

  • Raymond Mitchell
    Raymond Mitchell

    0:21 Did you actually shoot yourself

  • Gaming with David
    Gaming with David

    Can you make another my hero academyei vid

  • Zavorra 5000
    Zavorra 5000

    He got the pre-order bonus before even paying

  • Tin cans plan
    Tin cans plan

    We need some apex legends

  • Audrey Farmer
    Audrey Farmer


  • Emilio Rojas
    Emilio Rojas

    Next: a napkin that says, pre-order bonus.

  • CocoaDemon

    Cashier: *Shoots circle toons with a bullet that is still in a Cartridge.* Me: ...What

  • SUSpicious

    I like how all games have ur face

  • Maribro

    Baba Bing!

  • randomlols

    Well I mean he gave it his best shot.

  • Captain Om
    Captain Om

    Old back please

  • Borealis

    Oh yes the pre-order package for Skyrim is dropping you in Scandinavia with a knife.

  • Glazed Gaming
    Glazed Gaming


  • Captain Om
    Captain Om

    Just use obs

  • The Golden Knight
    The Golden Knight

    This basically sounds like a good metaphor for the working world in general. Well done.

  • lorekeeper

    I hear pokemon gives you god

  • Charles Winchester
    Charles Winchester

    Shoots 3 times. So you're saying he should've gotten 3 of those replica bullets.

  • CallTheBluffs Animations
    CallTheBluffs Animations

    oh my my name is Christian too?! it the same as circle!

  • Thisisasupersayin3

    If I had a nickel for every time the Call of Duty series included functional night vision goggles in their collecter's edition bundles, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't all that much, but it's weird that it happened twice, right?

  • 3D carb
    3D carb

    Pls do a fall out

  • Imnotawesome

    Did anyone notice that circle toons draws similar to TheOdd1sout, or is that just me?

  • Just Gold
    Just Gold

    How did the guy miss 2 shots at point blank?

  • Lincoln’s Piwas
    Lincoln’s Piwas

    Hey hey toons wasuppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  • Radu Nicolae
    Radu Nicolae

    i subbed to you after the first video i watched. Good job and nice videos!

  • Saif Mohammad Anwar
    Saif Mohammad Anwar


  • TCAT Town
    TCAT Town

    Getting shot in real life is way more immersing than VR

  • rihasanat rofolo
    rihasanat rofolo

    Why is this recorded on a phone?

  • Joey

    Why do I get notified of this video when I already watched it when it the first day it was posted? still good the second time...

  • Nbody231

    So many guys pre-ordered this video on Patreon smh

  • Vivacity Studios
    Vivacity Studios

    age of calamity: *s p o o n*

  • Mimikyu 2222
    Mimikyu 2222


  • RandomHoodie

    If you pre order rainbow six quarantine You automatically get infected.

  • Soundwave- Superior
    Soundwave- Superior

    Same thing would happen if you pre ordered Fallout New Vegas

  • ???

    Hey circle pleas do face reveal please I beg you

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