How Dark Souls Perfected Difficulty in Video Games
What have I been missing all these years...?
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  • CircleToonsHD

    OH AND BTW! This video doesn't include anything about Demon Souls, mostly because I still haven't been able to get a PS5 and I'm assuming I have to perform a dark ritual to even play one, so it didn't feel right talking about it. I'm sure the new Demon Souls fits my feelings towards the entire genre, but I figured I'd explain why I never mentioned it. MAN DO I WANNA PLAY DEMON SOULS THO :'(

    • Shaving cream man
      Shaving cream man

      Was markiplier there doctor it sounds like him


      I play games that feel like dark souls

    • Roseane Bacelar
      Roseane Bacelar


    • _Ethereum _
      _Ethereum _

      Buy a ps3

    • VaultHunter Astral
      VaultHunter Astral

      @Foxyman 8123 I didn't like cuphead not really my style

  • Conor L-P
    Conor L-P

    i didn't get to finish dark souls remastered because my ps4 broke

  • Dick Daniels
    Dick Daniels

    Maybe the best part of Dark Souls for me is that even when you look up a general guide on how to kill a boss, it still feels like an earned victory after you beat it. I looked up a guide for the Moonlight Butterfly because that boss perfectly counters high damage melee builds, but when I beat it, it still felt really good, because even though I had an idea for the strategy I needed, I died a lot trying to employ the strategy. But on the other hand in games like Legend of Zelda, those bosses have specific weak spots so if you look up a guide it cheapens the victory.

  • Mad_ Hunter_
    Mad_ Hunter_

    I love games that when there are multiple difficulty modes, they add new attacks or phases to bosses, not just increasing the health bar. IM LOOKING AT YOU TERRARIA MASTER MODE

  • Bubalack Gaming
    Bubalack Gaming

    "Oh wow! Strawberry!" *Ice Cream is very clearly Black Raspberry*

  • Dragon Meatloaf
    Dragon Meatloaf

    I spent 6 hours trying to kill Mider

  • TheeBigDude_175

    "You want skyrims? I've got twenty."

  • Gaming Shiba
    Gaming Shiba

    Play ark pvp on a iced server and u will rage

  • Sevenspent

    and I couldn't get past the tutorial boss before I uninstalled DS3

  • Army Alcantara
    Army Alcantara

    Im playing sekiro and its hard but enjoyable

  • Dylan

    I think i know that feeling

  • fisty baby
    fisty baby

    This was me trying to solo MHWIB fatalis.

  • ItsUnpug

    Woah it is amazing

  • Mr_ cy
    Mr_ cy

    Have you tried hollow knight

  • ThroughTheCarnage

    Sorry to not coming by your video in time, but... I guess you know already. This type of game... is like most of others, can come into a crisis once you've been through all of this. All the pve becomes a nuisance in a way of creating pvp builds in the souls games where pvp still exists. Especially the ones you don't get respec in. And the experience and difficulty really blunt itself when it becomes more of a game of reaction and numbers, like many other.. fightings. Yes, dark souls is a fighting game.

  • Gordon Petten
    Gordon Petten

    The truth is we lived and played through the renaissance of video gaming, and those moments of love for the medium we grew up on is forever behind us... omg... no... please... why...

  • Gordon Petten
    Gordon Petten

    I'm so happy for you that you got to experience this for yourself. It's great huh?

  • Dont stop Running
    Dont stop Running


  • James Evans
    James Evans

    You ever played runescape? Raxxi acid path is the dark souls of boss fights.

  • Jack Gibbons
    Jack Gibbons


  • copper

    I feel like I'm watching lazypurple

  • Tomàs Fernández Vergés
    Tomàs Fernández Vergés

    Dark souls is the dark souls of the dark souls of the dark souls of the dark souls...

  • Emil Bisschoff
    Emil Bisschoff

    Have you play cuphead? Bc if you do you should now want I'm talking about

  • Animation Park
    Animation Park

    I thought it was fun and all Until it took me 30 attempts to beat the first boss (bonus boss)

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez

    Why does everything he just said like *Munchausen syndrome!?*

  • Dev_kev

    Basically warframe in a nutshell


    and yall who have never ever played it or arent planning 2 its a full on rpg also and your character is stronger then you think you can do allot of things and the game is only hard for any newbie :)


    i so feel it just started like 3 weeks ago and been non stop on too many builds

  • Resilience _
    Resilience _

    I just got into the series with 2 a few months ago, and I got 3 about a week ago. I'm at pontiff sullyvhan

  • James Caulfield
    James Caulfield

    Played it Ninja gaiden did it first starting with the three for the Nintendo and the first two for Xbox that's why I was so good at dark souls is because I was so good at Ninja gaiden all my friends are like what the hell how are you so good at this game it's basically Ninja gaiden with stats

  • Sasha Pines / Nguyễn Hiền Hòa
    Sasha Pines / Nguyễn Hiền Hòa

    You mean the same feeling as playing those hight diffcult in rythem game ?

  • SpartanMush

    Perpetually stuck on fuck you xD

  • Dapper animation
    Dapper animation

    Hello circle if you need video ideas or if you take recommendations then I have I game that i think would fit for these types of videos,the game is called bio shock and if you played it then I think it would be a great game to talk about in this video format, but that’s only if you want to.Also have a grate day :).

  • The Goofy Gouf
    The Goofy Gouf

    tbh I’m glad I don’t understand

  • Joseph Young
    Joseph Young

    Please tell me the name of the outro music

  • Very Dope
    Very Dope

    It's the same with terraria people might say it's 2d Minecraft without giving it a chance. No matter what there is nothing like getting into hard mode. (Up until wall of flesh it easy) the feeling of progression is just. (Think noice guy) and the overarching presence of nowing that at all times you can die in the game. Slimes in normal mode.while you use a copper short sword boom your probably dead. But then craft a wooden sword. "Haha now I can kill slimes easily now I can handle anything" you think while going into the desert and getting destroyed by ten enemy's coming around the corner.

  • mada mada
    mada mada

    have you heard of company of champions my good sir

  • Sergio Bojorquez
    Sergio Bojorquez

    Play Returnal, got that itch scratched :D

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson

    BTW offbrand walmart controllers smacking rn

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson

    The way dark souls was says reminded me very much of tobuscos

  • Albert Lewis
    Albert Lewis

    You think you're late, I just started the first game like a month ago... instantly stopped playing bahahaha

  • CausticWanderer

    I dont know how I feel about watching a circle toons video that's longer than 45 seconds

  • Ayudya Bawahab
    Ayudya Bawahab


  • Akmal Ibrahim
    Akmal Ibrahim

    Dark Souls for me really is just trial and error. Not that much skill is needed, instead what the game demands from you is observation skills and pattern memorization skills. Someone put it succintly about the bosses' difficulty: "Dark Souls bosses are hard until they're not" By which he means that they seem hard at first but once you've learned their attack patterns, weaknesses you can exploit and attacks you need to avoid, they become easy to handle. All you need then is an average gaming skills to hit them when you can and dodge/parry when you should. Most people who die more than 20 times trying to beat a boss is because they didn't learn the attacks and how to counter them. They keep doing the same shit expecting different results. What some call as "banging my head against the wall". Sometimes it works, but it tends to leave you frustrated. But if you go into a boss battle trying to learn about the boss' whole mechanics, you'll find it gets easier after a few tries, and once you find that one moment that you know you can exploit, they suddenly become much easier. At this point, it just takes patience to draw out that exploitable moment. Sometimes it'll feel like you're cheesing the boss though doing this but it won't take you more than 10 tries. Another person says this which pretty much is the same concept: "Each boss is trying to teach you something" That's why Dark Souls difficulty is great. It doesn't feel bullshit. Each boss/enemy has a weakness or two. You just have to find out what it is.

  • Joe Kurr
    Joe Kurr

    What you never played Sonic 2 as a kid?

  • Tulzscha

    I never thought I would like these games, I only played Bloodborne because someone highly recommended it to me and mentioned the Lovecraftian Horror (I'm such a sucker for that stuff). Now they're my favorite games of all time. And yes the difficulty is perfect; I would argue they're not even that hard, they just take some getting used to. Playing any Souls game without ever having played one before is like playing a new genre for the first time, it takes a while to fully understand the mechanics and how everything works - but with enough practice comes mastery and you can take out bosses you've never seen before with some patience and knowledge of the core fundamentals to the games. Which is also why so many people struggled with Sekiro, even in the world of Souls games it's a different beast entirely and takes some getting used to but in this case a lot of people had a particular mindset going in that made it even more difficult to get a solid grasp on the game's mechanics. There are difficulty settings though, they're just hidden. You can grind levels, summon help, or look up strats to make it easier, or place restrictions on yourself to make it harder. Sekiro even has a bell you can ring to just make everything more difficult. Regardless a game designed with a specific level of difficulty in mind imo will always be superior to a game with a half dozen different settings, it makes for a much more balanced experience. I think what gamers appreciate most about these games though is how they don't hold your hand. The first Dark Souls in particular just dumps you in the world with multiple paths to take of varying difficulty and it's entirely up to you to figure it out, and because it's so open you can do some really cheesy things early on which so few games allow. You can also just miss some things entirely and never know about them until you hear about it from someone else. It might seem stupidly difficult because you didn't know you weren't supposed to go to the catacombs first but that's just one of the game's ways of explaining how important exploration is, it heavily encourages and rewards exploration and paying attention which is just one more of the many fantastic things about Souls games.

  • Gaming Bro
    Gaming Bro

    I am goddamn playing dark souls.

  • Gingeryon

    next talk about dead cells

  • Enzo Crespin
    Enzo Crespin

    Imo Sekiro is hard, but fair (except the Demon of hatred), while the Souls games are just BS from start to finish. Dunno about Bloodborne though.

  • HEH

    2:48 i aö the only one who finds this epic ?

  • Andrew Healis
    Andrew Healis

    I’m honestly the same. I jumped into the Souls series in mid 2020 with DS3 and it’s my favorite game currently. I started off a noob like everyone else. But I came in with the understanding that I will die and that’s how I will learn. My friend guided me through some of the areas to find secret fog walls and whatnot. We’d get invaded and I started to hate invasions. Someone twinked out with endgame gear would just come in and decimate me. I didn’t understand the game mechanics very well, let alone what the counter to that was. But I pressed on. Then I encountered a Black Knight while playing on my own (the one in Farron). First time beating it, I got his shield. My friend told me Black Knights are fairly difficult enemies to beat. So from that point forward, I farmed the Black Knight. I learned its attack patterns, eventually I killed it enough to get its full set of armor. It felt so good learning to master one of the harder enemies in the game, and that greatly improved my gameplay afterwards. After eventually beating the game, I started to play completely solo instead of partially. I got invaded and started to understand latency more. I learned what the “meta” weapons were, but I just stuck to what matched the Cosplay build or whatever weapons I just liked to use. I started to invade other people, but I’d be the kind of invader I’d want to see. If I see a new player, for instance, I’d drop 10-20 Embers for them and guide them to the next bonfire (if they weren’t already near one) before bowing and fighting them. On the one hand, I shouldn’t kill them because they’re still new, but they still have to learn to beat invaders the hard way just as I did. I just like to give them Embers so it’s not a total loss for them. I get my covenant reward, they get a bunch of Embers. But when I find seasoned players or ones with twinked out gear? I go all out. I really enjoy invasions, especially when they’re even matches. Losing an even match with a player is much more fun than just getting mauled by 4 password-summoned phantoms. Beating those ganks is a whole other level of enjoyment, but I still prefer the 1 v 1s. Later on, I got my older brother into DS3. He had played DS1 when he was younger, but never really played anything else in the Souls series. I became his guide to DS3. Now we’re both close to the same level of skill, he still needs to polish his PvP a bit, but we’re both competent players in our own rights. It’s a wonderful feeling. Come this month, I got Gold in the Undead Arena and I got every achievement in the game. I felt like this game has run its course in the meantime, so I decided to move on to another game. I just picked up DS1 with a friend of mine and we’re both going into the game blind. He’s never played a Souls game before, only a Souls-like games. I know a little bit about DS1 but not nearly enough to push me through the game like a cakewalk. I’m loving the series and it’s only getting better for me.

  • gedas stakenas
    gedas stakenas

    Dead by daylight is better than dark souls

  • WolkeStreit

    @CircleToonsHD Find and play the spiritual origin of DS. King's Field. Find it. Play it.

  • me_1

    Ive beaten the first 3 bosses 1rst try in the third game

  • This is content
    This is content

    Beat super meat boy

  • Pengine

    I feel like terraria has a mix of Artificially Increased Numbers and Ridiculous AI buffs, New attacks, different challenges added, etc. For most enemies they just add more numbers, but for bosses, don't even get me STARTED on JUST the first few bosses, on expert mode the first main boss you fight (The Eye of Cthulhu) gains an extra attack in the second phase that's more deadly the lower the health is (A powerful dash attack) The Evil bosses (Brain of Cthulhu and Eater of Worlds) Have new deadly attacks, powerful spore things for the Eater of worlds and illusions for the brain of cthulhu, skeletron has flying skulls that's only goal is to make the fight a No-Hit Bullet hell, the queen bee just goes faster and has more difficulty, all the while adding new boss drops and powerful items to add to your collection, while everything has more health, defense, and damage That's just 4 bosses of the 20+ in the game

  • Happyslayer9

    I'm in the final boss of dark souls 3 main campaine and still haven't won I've died 30 times Though it did take me 3 weeks to kill abyss watchers And who else thought the giant boss was easy once you got your hands on the tornado sword

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H

    This is probably the best way I've heard the "difficulty" of dark souls described. I've heard it referred to as "artificial" or "punishes you just for playing" when those tags more accurately describe games with actual difficulty sliders that just ramp up health and reduce damage. The most recent example for me being Outriders on max World Tier.

  • Kirby is done with your bs
    Kirby is done with your bs

    2:07 DS2: Sotfs

  • mr dogebear
    mr dogebear

    Pov: me and hollow knight

  • strapalonian

    This is probably not a popular opinion, but the satisfaction that comes after beating a DS boss for me is only partly because I finally mastered it, the other half is that the pain is over. It's definitely a problem with me as well, but these games bring the worst out of me. I'm going through the trilogy right now because I love everything about them except replaying the same thing 20 times like I'm a time loop hell, but I'm definitely never gonna replay them.

  • Danielle O'Bryant
    Danielle O'Bryant



    Have you tryed hypixel skyblock? Yes dont SPEAK TO ME XD

  • Shadow

    The first thing that came to mind when he mentioned the difficulty sliders was Mister Freezes fight in Batman Arkham City. The harder the difficulty, the more stealth take downs you had to use against him because he would adapt and make sure you couldn't use the same move twice. That was one of my favorite fights in the Arkham game series.

  • skeletalmixer101

    Borderlands sucks with mayhem levels. It fluctuates too much

  • Aiden Allen
    Aiden Allen

    0:52 my man has a broadsword and gold hemmed armor

  • Pawel Scout
    Pawel Scout

    Try playing Remenant from the Ashes, is an Souls-Like Coop Shooter

  • Sporkinstien

    *looks at my 3k+ hours in ds3 alone* Welcome to the shitshow

  • Jacob Norman
    Jacob Norman

    Sounds like I need to pick up Dark Souls again

  • colleen norton
    colleen norton

    I know how you did a big rant about how difficulty sliders are bad but I think there is a game you should really try that actually makes it so the game is harder without just making even a normal enemy at Titan in health it’s called Jedi fallen order it’s very good you should try it and a large amount of its community keeps comparing it to to dark souls you might not get the same feeling from this game is dark souls but it’s still really fun game you should try it

  • willie william
    willie william

    8 year old Kids like the game becuse you can make a custom charater

  • Sonja Michalowski
    Sonja Michalowski

    When I think of difficulty I hear Sans laughing at my dead body....

  • Mark Price
    Mark Price

    I just got into the dark soul....but I'm 4 years too late

  • Nerfed Geometry Cerbereus Pro
    Nerfed Geometry Cerbereus Pro

    Dark Souls codinv for the developers feel like: Hardcore, extra buffs, better dodging, better minions instead of the minions that die quickly and are dumb. Then just more coding and raging and getting paid alot then all of a sudden, Dark Souls: Collection, and Dark Souls: The Rage, and some more time raging, Hard Souls

  • Ok Guys
    Ok Guys

    Dark souls hurt me

  • Cody Justin Fannin
    Cody Justin Fannin

    I feel that dark souls would be fun as hell because I love pattern based games

  • David Weisleder Shacalo
    David Weisleder Shacalo

    I played dark souls beat it but after 3 years of being an addict when I beat it I cried because I thought this chapter of my life was ending but then I realized more games were out and even more were coming and I thought. No it is only the beginning

  • DrillLRD8

    "Having an 8 year old call you a gagglef*uck" I bet we've all had that experience

  • Asta.

    I want a cod player to try to beat pontiff first try lmao

    • Rokuzo

      Bruh, if he can beat moonlight butterfly he's golden

  • Umbertold

    Hey. You're singing pretty cool.


    I've played a lot of games and this year was the year I touched Dark souls and I fell in love with it almost immediately so this video really connected with me

  • Country Roads
    Country Roads

    Cuphead= hard, Dark Souls= hard, easy, and just right

  • Alireza Akhavan
    Alireza Akhavan

    "The incredibly unique enemy design" shows a berserk reference.

  • Iconic Fire
    Iconic Fire

    When someone gets dark souls for their first video game “ Gangsters paradise starts playing” fighting 1st boss “sad meloncholy music plays”

  • Bass-D C
    Bass-D C

    You mean spawning in more enemies, reducing your healthbar and increasing the enemies healthbar through heals and other mechanics is a cheap way to fabricate "dificulty"? *Looks at Dark Souls 2* *Dark Souls 2 looks down ashamed* Yeah. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!

  • Shadows Inc.
    Shadows Inc.

    Congrats! I'm happy you've finally found the light, in the "Dark".

  • Demomaniac Tf2
    Demomaniac Tf2

    4:37 Cuphead: DID YOU FORGET ABOUT ME!!??

  • Quisquiliarum


  • Anthony Ortiz
    Anthony Ortiz

    Dude that fucking first minute had me laughing

  • orange thing
    orange thing

    I just started replaying this Is gud

  • jack wright
    jack wright

    Dating is the dark souls of my life.

  • Joao Brito
    Joao Brito

    You could make a video about hollow knight, how the game introductions are done right, how the free dlcs and new content are done right how the game makes you feel good after every new discover.

  • Solaire Souls
    Solaire Souls

    I had a friend who finally played it and boy did he realise how hard it was and me and my other friend gave him souls so he could get to 120 and he still was struggling 24 7 and he is then like wait what new game are you on and when I tell I'm Ng+ 8 or 9 I think he finally realised that I'm good at gaming.

  • Brian Anthony Cullen
    Brian Anthony Cullen

    Dark souls was the perfect game for lockdowns

  • Dewey

    NGL, the PDP controllers from walmart aren't bad at all man.

  • Deimos The protagonist
    Deimos The protagonist

    This is basically you don’t kill clown clown kills you. *that’s totally not a madness combat reference.*

  • Roan Ranger
    Roan Ranger

    Dark souls is hard but have you ever played halo 2 on legendary with all 💀s on

  • Layne Crist
    Layne Crist

    I’ve been playing darts souls remaster for the last couple days I’ve been stuck on the fucking second boss for hours

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia


  • Iroh

    2:30 Yeah ok, tell that to FF14 folks

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