Valheim in a Nutshell
I've genuinely fallen for this game, so making this one was super fun :)
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  • CircleToonsHD

    So tomorrow I'm cracking open a ton of new and hard to find Pokemon card sets, plus some of the crazy mcdonalds stuff! :) 1PM EST! I hope to see you there, it's seriously one of the highlights of my week

    • CoolLightning88

      0:39 im honestly happy that something happened to him and not the house

    • Nanda Farell
      Nanda Farell

      666K views OnO

    • Dolphin King
      Dolphin King


    • WolfFangs_

      One quick tip:campfires do damage.

    • _-Nexus-_

      The world is also flat

  • Ieno Da beanie boi
    Ieno Da beanie boi

    Is that a stamper impression

  • Douglas Antunes
    Douglas Antunes

    Tree didn't fall on you, heresy!

  • Dwarfurious

    Wrong; valheim in a nutshell is hauling metal in a cart.

  • DrEnzyme

    I'm getting some serious Will Stamper vibes from this one.

  • Christopher Rivera
    Christopher Rivera

    You forgot to mention the never ending storm of graydwarfs at night that spawn no matter where you go, apart from the ocean. Great video though.

  • iAdam43

    I like that part with that bow🤣🤣

  • Justin Nentwich
    Justin Nentwich

    Was waiting for the troll to one hit the house but this is still funny

  • DumbNDutch

    not enough honking deer noise

  • Your Favorite Fin
    Your Favorite Fin

    I am disappointed. I was expecting the entire video to be just the bird taking you to the spawn.

  • Pressured Speech
    Pressured Speech

    "Look at this sweet rushing tidal wave near the edge of the map..." and I'm dead!

  • Raigho

    That's the first time i see someone make a digital animation but use his phone to record it! original!

  • Chameleon Gaming
    Chameleon Gaming

    or you can use campfires to defeat the bosses

  • guest Official
    guest Official

    someone actually killed the deer guy with only camp fires lol

  • Svistakow

    "Wow, i got a new house, i wonder what will happen next!" *Da forest is moving*

  • Meriem Brasse
    Meriem Brasse

    U spawn with 25 health XD how do u say no fall damage XD

  • J.R. McDowell
    J.R. McDowell

    Maybe stick to Minecraft... if this is too difficult for you.

  • Killaim

    i am still amazed how trolls continuesly manage to sneak up on me in that game.

  • Kev Lach
    Kev Lach

    incredible work I respect you

  • Swordz Anderson
    Swordz Anderson

    Okay, but did you know that currently, one of the most hard-hitting mobs in the game is a freaking mosquito? Yeah.

  • victorio rodriguez
    victorio rodriguez

    That flick killed me !!!

  • MDDaveTMH

    The fall damage is actually really moderate and was never an issue to me, I usually almost never get a tree to topple another one, unless I tried it intentionally and even then its max one. If a tree falls on you when you're close to it like cutting it, it doesn't really do that much damage, also if you're further away, they still fall quite slow and if you cant dodge it then it's your bad, also not that much damage. So almost all of your points in this video are wrong and yeah, this just sucks.

  • Spencer Peck
    Spencer Peck

    “Oh great deer god, I brought you some trinkets! It’s...well, we’ll talk about it when you get here.” My favorite part

  • Topher Zettler
    Topher Zettler

    i have this game and the dear boss cant break a wood shield

  • Glitch

    At least his home is ok

  • Cosmic Squid
    Cosmic Squid

    His accent gets worse whenever the hood is on lol

  • Jonathan Ayala
    Jonathan Ayala

    Why does this remind me of flash gitz


    i jumped of a log and took 25 damage at jump level 20 or 21

  • Miguel Alejandro Britez
    Miguel Alejandro Britez

    my first death was from getting wood, True story

  • Erin Cheong
    Erin Cheong

    Me, coming from Let's Game It Out where he killed everything with campfires

  • FuZe

    Why is this so true put a thing we’re he finds copper across the map and tried to go through a porta

  • GrandmARK GamerLady
    GrandmARK GamerLady

    😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 that was awesome!

  • Daddy NikolaTesla
    Daddy NikolaTesla

    Petition for part 2.

  • Someone killed the dear boss with campfires

  • Andrew Austin
    Andrew Austin

    this was sooo lazy..

  • Pogiforce Plays
    Pogiforce Plays

    No trolls?

  • Zared Silverlake
    Zared Silverlake

    I feel like this happened to some one

  • Tobias Hagström
    Tobias Hagström

    When you're on a boat trip and you encounter one fuling, and you don't yet know they do more damage than trolls...

  • KoMaHu3λM

    keeping those algorithms happy...

  • GrimVission

    I just realized he’s not even screen recording, when he zooms you can see the pixels😂 this makes it so much better.

  • MrMonsterZ

    When you're more afraid of a mosquito than any of the bosses 👍

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    bro are you hatty from battle block theatre?

  • Martin Requiem
    Martin Requiem


  • Jeremiah Wright
    Jeremiah Wright

    My friends and I were so unprepared for the elder we just built camp fires under it and burned it

  • Akechi Mitsuhide
    Akechi Mitsuhide

    So what is this, Skyrim Souls?

  • No Name
    No Name

    I nearly have a damn heart attack when I hear the sound of something large walking around outside and then 2 big blue arms come smashing into my living room. Unexpected troll attack. This game is awesome

  • Skidoodle

    ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

  • Solitary Angel
    Solitary Angel

    Should have included...look at all these ALgoners making "How To" videos such as...How to train up all your skills only to die ten times in a row because you had no clothes, food or weapons when you ran back to get the stuff you lost and now all those skills are gone again. Or...enters swamp, gets spat on by a blob...poison kills you in 5 seconds...enters swamp again, sees blob, gets out huge hammer and a leech spits poison at you, kills you in 5 seconds....enters swamp again, sees the blob, sees the leech, gets out the huge hammer and it is now night time so 15 greydwarfs, 3 Draugr and a Wraith kill you while the leeches and the blob piss themselves laughing.

  • DutchTheViking

    you never played Valheim it seems!

  • amraKarma

    I love Valheim, though I currently hate wolves because I'm trying to fight Moder but now need to recover my body & all my gear first on said mountain.

  • tryAGAIN 1987
    tryAGAIN 1987

    100% accurate. I hope they overhaul the bosses to make them a little more challenging in future :D

  • Matthew Yeh
    Matthew Yeh

    valheim where you can create fireplaces with some kind of magic hammer to kill things if you dont know what i mean watch this video

  • Gamerz Club
    Gamerz Club

    0:37 at least nothing bad happened to it

  • Vizitom M
    Vizitom M

    This wasn't funny at all

  • Saoirse

    I hear they are coming out with an Irish version . . . . You get to dig peat 12 hours a day and eat Potatoes, until the blight, when you slowly starve or immigrate to another land. . . just in time to be shoved into their civil war. . . SOUND FUN

  • GreenBaji

    I expected a troll visit the lil house >x3c

  • Cryptorize

    Soooooo... you are a fan of Oney and Stamper I guess.

  • DocentTV

    Hello! What program is used for animation?

  • J K
    J K

    The number of greydwarf eyes lying on the ground everywhere is too damn high!

  • WillWhiskey

    first boss is easy make a toon about fighting bonemass though

  • Dingus Doofus
    Dingus Doofus

    Why... is ths animation filmed off a screen?

  • FitzCraft

    Hemmm, it's the "WOOOOOW!" from locomotion!?!?!?

  • Min Eung Kim
    Min Eung Kim

    So this is you true accent.

  • Patrick Hamos
    Patrick Hamos

    i mean ive never died of fall damage and i have 300 hrs trees, sure. killed me once on first day xD

  • Morally Misguided
    Morally Misguided

    Next time you could add a *cough sound effect* and the house deteriorates with each one like a bruised fruit. :)

  • Corvid76

    Have never had, nor have I bumped into anyone else, that has had any problem whatsoever with damage from falls.

    • CyberiusT

      I've had damage from a fall... But I fell quite a way (off a mountain), and it was completely reasonable.

  • SakichuPikachu

    Me completing valehim Don't ever tell me to fight another boss after beating the final boss. I remember falling off a boat and stuck on the kraken My friend had to come get me 😭

  • apple god
    apple god

    00:39 you got me

  • E

    Meanwhile LGIO burn them with fireplace

  • P. Herrmann
    P. Herrmann

    not mentioned the plague of that damn greydwarves? they're everywhere and annoy you

  • Uplink X
    Uplink X

    54K people must have a very different sense of humor than me.

  • Hans Dampf
    Hans Dampf

    the bird drop you on an Stone with protection runes,that´s why no fall damage (must be that way xD )

  • Knight

    Let’s game it out killed the first two bosses with campfires, 100% skill

  • Nearly Evil 665
    Nearly Evil 665

    so as i see you havent discovered the steppe yet... *sits down patiantly waiting for the next part*

    • CyberiusT

      I dunno... Steppe whips my butt on a regular basis, but the swamp gets my title of Most Hated. Environmental hazards all over the place, enemies you can't see until they're already doing damage...Enemies that spawn more enemies on death. If I didn't need the iron, I'd never go there. (Or Bonemass - and what a joy he is.)

  • Pringles

    The most realistic physics engine

  • Cooper Davis
    Cooper Davis

    That flick was amazing

  • tippyc2

    Nailed it.

  • Per Ihlström
    Per Ihlström

    Were did he trol armor

  • komasdfg

    The creator obviously did not play the game! everyone knows death to tree is the rite of passage!

  • Christopher Moore
    Christopher Moore

    You should try to block the lightning. Because you can. You can block the lightning.

  • V B
    V B

    99% of my deaths are trees.

  • Selcouth Diaries
    Selcouth Diaries

    me: *discovers hammer 2 kingdoms later... "time to beat Eikthyr!"

  • Rafael Marteleto
    Rafael Marteleto

    Dude what is the model of your monitor, it looks perfect

  • The KGB
    The KGB

    The TRUE way to play is to take off all clothes and fight by only building campfires on your enemies.

  • RinoSan

    me decked out and a tree hits me: "howd i lose .8 hp, oh the branch hit me"

  • McKeviin

    I got my first death after like 35 hours because a wolf was at the edge of the mountains biome and saw me. I had broken gear and wasn't ready for it.

  • MonkeyJedi99

    The first I heard about this game was when Josh at Let's Game It Out abused it. Hilarious. After the unlocking them in crafting, he only killed things with dropped campfires. It's a must-watch. - Also, I love this channel and this video. Always good.

  • TheCynicalJay

    So, does this guy actually record a computer screen with a phone?

    • Alpha G4mer
      Alpha G4mer

      Yes, and uses ms paint

  • XDG4M3R

    You forgot to show the power of *CAMPFIRES*

  • Dameon Ryan
    Dameon Ryan

    Never played but honestly kinda want to now

  • Nanda Farell
    Nanda Farell

    666K views OnO

  • Miranda Goff
    Miranda Goff

    I missed circle😌

  • Both

    Also, uh, *FYA*

  • Rargzs

    8K video is being invented for you.

  • Si fly
    Si fly

    so you played 5 min?

  • Daisuke Akihito
    Daisuke Akihito

    Oh I can swim in this game, cool. *2 seconds later* OH NOES! I swam 3 inches and will now drown.

  • Misellus

    0:19 how the _f u c k_ did you do that 0:58 _what the _*_f u c k_*

  • Random Channel!
    Random Channel!

    Why did my brain assume the title was Vietnam in a Nutshell

  • melelconquistador

    Very satisfying when the first tree takes down two more trees. Saves me axe durability

  • It’s Practical
    It’s Practical

    If you don’t know, there’s a channel called lets game it out and he killed the deer god with only campfires

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