When People Play Casual Games Competitively
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  • CircleToonsHD

    Congrats to TwiztedOverlord for picking the winning name for Glumbo!

    • Sus_Arsenal

      Is that cat gonna be ok?

    • Dragonslasher07 ,
      Dragonslasher07 ,

      @Naz Yt k

    • Ryder Stewart-Lunn
      Ryder Stewart-Lunn

      This is so true tho

    • hitmandoom 007
      hitmandoom 007


    • Eviction

      What a bunch of lidiots. You people are forgetting that Glumbo is garbage. Stop, Stop! Your having fun, the worng way.

  • Edgar Banuelos
    Edgar Banuelos

    League of Legends ranked in a nutshell

  • Ampharos Fan
    Ampharos Fan

    metaslaves vs casual players

  • Shuc Kid
    Shuc Kid

    My friend when play Don’t Starve Together

  • Kylo GQ
    Kylo GQ

    I have some friends like this and I'm honestly scared for them

  • Nightmare Sans
    Nightmare Sans

    The first BTD game in a nutshell

  • Likonu Shepard
    Likonu Shepard

    “You’re having fun the wrong way!!!” Accurate 😂

  • RevampedHippo55

    The moment he asked "Hey, what character are you maining?" I knew what kind of a person he was.

  • Kirkkq

    When you hit plat in any game:

  • Selatk

    Genshin impact tier list in a nutshell.

  • Cynical

    Cough Monster Hunter cough cough

  • ItzJustKris

    I need a 24 hour loop of that dude dancing

  • Zac S
    Zac S

    Person 1:Hey what are you playing... Person 2:Oh i dunno just this weird funny shooter game with 9 characters. 1:Yes,I've been playing Team Fortress 2 since it came out,What character do you main? 2:oh i play this funny fat guy with a machine gun... 1:oh god,you main Heavy,when have you ever played competitive,Sniper and Scout are the best while Heavy just gets destroyed. 2:oh,ok i dont really care he's just fun. 1:Oh so you never looked at specific weapon builds to survive the longest. 2:What weapons? 1.OH you never even used the sandvich to survive even 10 seconds in a match as the heavy,dont you know anythi- 2.ha ha ha ( doing the kazotzy kick party),look at his funny dance 1:Stop it your having fun the wrong way!

    • Zac S
      Zac S

      oh god i made a typo

  • Harris Taft
    Harris Taft

    "Your having fun the wrong way"

  • Ice Nova
    Ice Nova

    Playing casual games competitive is fine, but never tell people how to enjoy the game.

  • AlienGoat


  • Jamie Kappele
    Jamie Kappele

    Genshin impact fans

  • Cross

    Isn't this what happened to genshin impact?

  • A Bigfoot
    A Bigfoot

    GLUMBO IS NOT TRASH When you get him to Lv10 he gets a ability where he pops all green and blue balloons THATS AT LEAST 100 POINTS

    • A Bigfoot
      A Bigfoot

      Not to mention the Red bomb ability’s buff

  • MaEeL NoSmEj
    MaEeL NoSmEj

    Me having fun: *playing for the first time* The one tryhard guy: Bro that's cringe

  • Pight

    This feels like a personal attack. You will not be hearing from my lawyer because I do not have one. But just you wait, in 10 years you might hear from a lawyer.

  • Herysa Archie
    Herysa Archie

    This is why I hate powecreeps players in genshin.

  • Doflamingo With a mustache
    Doflamingo With a mustache

    Meet fighting games.

  • something tells me I'm emmy
    something tells me I'm emmy

    pokemon players be like: honestly i hate competitive pokemon players 0H Th@T poKem0n uSleSs i mean like who the hell cares

  • I don’t comment Much
    I don’t comment Much

    “Your having fun the wrong way” -every undertale fan when a youtuber doesn’t take the exact movement of steps they want him/her to

  • Zzigyplays32 2
    Zzigyplays32 2

    @CircleToonsHD did you make this video after getting yelled at for using striker jones in BTD6?

  • Bennet C. Radey
    Bennet C. Radey

    You know, it's not the fact that they're going overboard on a casual game, but rather the fact that they think they're superior to all other players that makes them annoying.

  • Omegace 34
    Omegace 34

    my mom when playing gardenscapes.

  • Loyal Old Dog
    Loyal Old Dog

    I’ve been both

  • Vincent Weinhold
    Vincent Weinhold

    You see, it's okay to try your heart out to win, but it gets way too far when you start raging at others for, say, not using the meta. Then it starts becoming a bad thing.

  • Nathan McCauley
    Nathan McCauley

    Oh I definitely used to have a "You're having fun the wrong way!!!" Friend.

  • Weather Reaport
    Weather Reaport

    So true


    Come on, we all know that Lizzle-bleeze's Burning frost is Op as heck and has an awesome animation.

  • Johnsky 12
    Johnsky 12

    Oh my god lol sounds like the monster hunter community

  • Ultra Pug
    Ultra Pug

    the competitive guy is me when my friends play a game

  • UnkleSanik

    Tetris with Tetris 99

  • Supa

    Tryhards on tf2 casual be like

  • Tiny Doge
    Tiny Doge

    I’ve seen this happen too much

  • Ocarina of Games
    Ocarina of Games

    Pokemon be like

  • That guy rna
    That guy rna

    Nintendo be like YOUR HAVING FUN THE WRONG WAY

  • Dark Lard
    Dark Lard

    No this is not how you’re supposed to play the game

  • Martines

    Me: "I am playing it for fun" "You're having fun the wrong way"

  • RAT Toe
    RAT Toe

    Every single brawl stars player in ranked:

    • Player 2
      Player 2

      Do you not know what ranked means?

  • ????? le ????
    ????? le ????


  • Isaac Sievert
    Isaac Sievert

    Me, a pokemon fan: *coughs in EV, IV, Ability, Nature, Egg Move grinding*

  • Rainmaker

    reminds me of a mobile game i played before. my coworker got mad as hell when he saw me limit breaking my R character.

  • tredI9100

    Nintendo in a nutshell: 1:00

  • GEEKFOREVER (Pixel Gaming/Sur La Toile Ce Soir)
    GEEKFOREVER (Pixel Gaming/Sur La Toile Ce Soir)

    "You're having fun the wrong way." Me: "It's a game. I'm having fun and without breaking my controller. Why don't you go back to play Dark Souls or whatever."

  • Cuppedcup

    Tf2 moment

  • Grifiano

    It's better when you casually play competitive games, and just do funny shit. "WHY AREN'T YOU USING AN INSTAKILL SNIPER" "haha funny ball go brrrr"

  • aint very ga1z
    aint very ga1z


  • AK474000

    "You're having fun the wrong way" A lot of games and the cultures around them live by this sentiment it seems. Really saps the enjoyment out of everything.

  • michael bagan
    michael bagan

    Smash bros be like

  • Corinne Powers
    Corinne Powers

    Uuuuuggggghhh so I AM the hyper efficient... like okay, I get PAID to "minmax" in my work so to speak... but I know that's just ME? Also, I don't do it.... f o r e v e r? Example: I have 2 Dark Souls 3 builds I play lately. The first one is the MinMaxed Meta Level Hyper Augmented Dedicated PVP Build, where every single stat has been given consideration against all other stats to create the most power applicable with my skills at that level. My other character uses a big fucking sword and two attacks. Sometimes people try to "minmax" me and I'm like "dude I'm wearing fucking CLOTH you think I give a shit about your 'superior' armor options LMAO" ... LMAO xD

  • TimeFreak

    You forgot the part where you spend money to gain competitive advantages over everyone else.

  • Richard Rodriguez
    Richard Rodriguez

    "dude I think your cat is drinking paint from garage again" wow

  • Muhammad Maazin Adeel
    Muhammad Maazin Adeel

    Edgy Rick in a nutshell:

  • Dark Vendar
    Dark Vendar

    Yeah i really hate that. People found a way to make COOP or singleplayer casual games not very fun. It all started with Smash Bros with that tier list some jackass made.. But it seems only i remember the secret words to eradicate such a foul invention. Ahem: Tiers R 4 Queers!

  • Converge

    Melancholic temperaments can’t help their perfectionism. I wish people would be more understanding of the fact that a lot of “elitists” aren’t trying to be annoying. It can look like pride and arrogance to one person, when in reality they could just be melancholic and genuinely attempting to improve everyone’s enjoyment factor, which results in frustration when opposing temperaments or personalities clash in confusion and misunderstanding.

  • hi's IQ if you remove the negative side
    hi's IQ if you remove the negative side

    I feel attacked

  • 123 321
    123 321


  • Scratch my pony
    Scratch my pony

    That’s me in borderlands no idea of what people are telling me about my build

  • Victoria And Joseph
    Victoria And Joseph

    I’m Having Fun The Wrong Way? Explain To Me What That Means

  • Just call me ORANGE!
    Just call me ORANGE!

    The virgin competitive player VS the CHAD casual player

  • xBrandon 22
    xBrandon 22

    This is so true hahaha

  • Flashback Guy
    Flashback Guy

    Speaking of tier lists... Anyone remember that Super Mario Party *STILL* has a tier list?

  • EndOfGreio

    R.I.P. cat

  • A. Dennis
    A. Dennis

    Animal Crossing

  • ArmTeh Cannon
    ArmTeh Cannon

    Sounds a lot like Genshin Impact videos.

  • FoulHunter

    Bloons TD 6 players be like:

  • Captain Satria
    Captain Satria

    When you really hope the game is actually real

  • This statement is false Nothing is true
    This statement is false Nothing is true

    Did he seriously just say he looks at Wikipedia for his builds instead of making the most powerful build on your own

  • Smicc


  • Awesomeness

    The 600+ people that down voted this video: "you're having fun the wrong way"

    • Awesomeness

      @Soulmad haha. We all have tired days. Those days are casual gamer days. Or take cocaine and get back to dark souls.

    • Soulmad

      @Awesomeness Lol I just realised it relates to the vid

    • Soulmad

      @Awesomeness What

    • Awesomeness

      Yes. Aka disliked. Aka thumbs down. Shit, are you going to thumbs down cause I'm commenting and having fun wrong? You're a "hardcore"player huh?

    • Soulmad

      Did you just say down voted?

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez

    You are having fun the wrong way.... OUFFF that line. If that line applies to your game, you messed up!

  • anru

    i use a controller on call of duty mobile and i run an iron sight kar98k loadout

  • Blitzkit

    This sounded xQc while playing casual games

  • sebastian pacheco
    sebastian pacheco

    xQc and Ninja while playing among us:

  • Amaru Preciado-Cruz
    Amaru Preciado-Cruz


  • Guy With Bread
    Guy With Bread

    Rainbow Six Siege in a single video

  • likeaboss 13
    likeaboss 13

    Esto no es un juego

  • Attila Szabó
    Attila Szabó

    BloonsTD 6

  • Mysterio

    Fortnite tryhards who think female skins have a smaller hitbox when they see someone use a male skin:

  • The Masked Arnis
    The Masked Arnis

    AKA The Casual Game Speedrunning Community

  • Frostyboy

    Rainbow Six Siege in a nutshell

  • Da Sharq
    Da Sharq

    "Stop it! Stop it right now!!! You're having fun the WRONG WAY!!" #allofhumanitysproblemsexplained

  • cocowaffles wafffles
    cocowaffles wafffles

    I want this game

  • spiritsjoy

    Animal crossing flashbacks. I like Rasher OK, he's not trash, and NO i dont have 3 fully upgraded houses.

  • Kevin Evaristo
    Kevin Evaristo

    You cant have fun with a competitive player they try so hard like bro where just playing cod you don't have to go full try hard its a game

    • Kevin Evaristo
      Kevin Evaristo

      And they sometimes complain about your not a good player like im here for fun

  • Abhijit Panda
    Abhijit Panda

    You are having fun the wrong way I think that's what Jesus came to earth to tell us

  • vxktr

    Stop uploading such shit

  • keiharris332

    What sucks is being someone who actually enjoys the game systems and then playing with someone who just picks things because they are cute. Neither get to play together because their goals are different and neither is a bad goal.

  • saintajax33

    This is giving me Pokemon Go flashbacks.

  • Graham X
    Graham X

    I guess it's probably a bad sign that to me the guy on the couch seems like the wrong one

  • Void Games
    Void Games

    POkemon be like

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss

    Smash Bros competitive nerds be like:

  • Nicofye

    Perfectly describes Dead by Daylight community

  • Helmy Zainuddin
    Helmy Zainuddin

    You think this is a "Game"?

  • Hasan Da Top
    Hasan Da Top

    Smash players be like: :|

  • Whiskiz Yo
    Whiskiz Yo

    Damn you'd make a great corporate executive, you really know how to target the widest audience - the mainstream crowd for the biggest potential profits

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