When You're Too Afraid To Spend Your Skill Points in a Video Game
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  • CircleToonsHD

    Sorry about the later upload, fellas! I partied a little too hard last night... (over discord with my friends online) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    • Bloodshade Ronin
      Bloodshade Ronin

      Dean Takahashi.......bl3 and mass effect, look it up

    • Tuber Clips
      Tuber Clips

      This is why I like AC: Valhallas skill tree. It's literally impossible to F it up.

    • MastemaJack

      This has only happened to me in Cyberpunk

    • cocoa nut
      cocoa nut

      Did you kill my son

    • Rhys Curtis
      Rhys Curtis


  • eh.

    Relax man, there's 24 skills and you have 27 skill points.

  • Rolf family
    Rolf family

    I never have enough skill points. Used the second they become available. I like making new characters anyway, so making a mistake isn't a big deal

  • Muppy

    Am i the only one that thinks that this would be an amazing game ?

  • Gabriel262

    Aaand thats why on top of saving often, I recommend actually making a back up of your save every now and then, it even fools rogue likes!

  • Sir Cumference
    Sir Cumference

    Skill tree progression speed mining-speed mining 1: the speed at which you can mine ores and attack enemies is halved from 60 seconds to 30 seconds Hastened mining: this ability allows you to halve your mining time for the next 30 seconds Speed mining 2: your mining speed and attack speed is reduced by 75% Speed mining 3: your mining speed is reduced from 60 seconds to 10 seconds and using hastened mining now instantly mines ores or kills enemies Passive mining: rock species monsters now take damage while within 10 ft of your pickaxe Speed mining max: mining ores is now instant and passive mining now does 50% more damage Hastened mining max: the cool down for hastened mining is reduced from 1 minute to 30 seconds Ultimate miner: this skill allows you to wield more than one pickaxe at a time and both deal 20% more damage to rock species monsters

  • Andrew Leyton
    Andrew Leyton

    And at the end he can get all the skills but he never Google it

  • RandomThings Random
    RandomThings Random


  • Darby Carmont
    Darby Carmont

    Top 10 anime plot twists

  • Gamerkid11

    hes been playing this game for 10 years and he has 27 skillpoints???

  • Aquatic Fiend
    Aquatic Fiend

    Ya know its funny games with skill points I NEVER EVEN REALIZED I COULD UPGRADE MY POWERS SO I HAD A BUT LOAD XD

  • Blaze D. Heart
    Blaze D. Heart

    This is the twilight zone

  • El Lee
    El Lee

    10 years 27 skill points how rare are those little rocks

  • Just In
    Just In

    Yeah, so it kinda happened to me when I was younger. But the thing is, I actually didn't know that I had skill points to place... I was young and i had no idea what it was... Soooo I beat the game, with difficulty (it's an euphemism) and when I grew up and played the same game ( for nostalgic purpose and pure entertainment ) I just couldn't believe how easy the game was because I was just a stupid child who didn't know any better. Just imagine how hard it must be to beat the final boss of a game with your level 1 character. That's basically what I did. Well, if I had to say something else, it was one of my first game, and when you think about it,, it's a pretty simple game. If someone ever read this, the game is pokemon ranger, and i also apologize for my english.... anyway

  • Ashmander

    No that guy over there killed your son

  • BadNoob

    27 skill points.... 12 possible options what

  • Notxam

    “You just killed a man for his super ruby you *chode*” I mean he was working for a pyramid scheme.

  • Nugget Nugget
    Nugget Nugget

    Dude, mine the rock at lightspeed

  • Annette Hallberg
    Annette Hallberg

    At least you can reastart your skill board and get all the skill orbs back in mario+rabbids.

  • Absolute Unit Boi
    Absolute Unit Boi

    I have literally never had this problem...am I a breed of oblivious gamer

  • Costa Papa
    Costa Papa

    No idea what you’re talking about. I immediately spend any available skill points. You can also read what they do and if you’re not a complete twat you don’t need to worry about spending them on the wrong thing like speed mining #unrelatable

  • Colin Sabolboro
    Colin Sabolboro

    Should have asked the giant rock man witch skill he should get but then trick him to get speed mining

  • Cameron Khuu
    Cameron Khuu

    What i do is look up what type of build is the best and memorize the columns

  • Phantomized X
    Phantomized X

    speed mining actually seems quite nice

  • Mett Damon
    Mett Damon

    i know how u feel with the skillpoints......Skilltrees comes from hell =D

  • That Unknown Player
    That Unknown Player

    Am I the only one who upgrades attack and health

  • DracoFlyer

    "The aspect of choice is terrifying to me." Yeah, I feel that

  • Obitobi

    Actually speed mining gets really good later on

  • NotTheWheel

    The greatest skill you can ever learn is how to google what are the best skills.

  • Jeremiah D.
    Jeremiah D.

    Ngl when he went speed mining I expected him to just completely drill through the rock with how fast he mined lmao

  • Seth Atreides
    Seth Atreides

    Literally me with every game


    shoulda just spent 1 on each tree Dumba**

  • Lexer Williams
    Lexer Williams

    And this is why I look up everything I don’t know about a game lol

  • BAK Robert Johnston
    BAK Robert Johnston

    Those are 12 boxes he can get all of the skill paths

  • a noob lol
    a noob lol

    How has he been playing for TEN years and is only level 32

  • Alessandro Treglia
    Alessandro Treglia

    And then he realizes skill reset potions exist

  • LordTachanka

    Little did the rock man know that speed mining allowed rock Bob to mine quicker into his skull

  • Caleb Jordan
    Caleb Jordan

    How did it take him 10 years to reach level 32?

  • HYP3R _YT
    HYP3R _YT

    This man speak truth.

  • Ben Farrar
    Ben Farrar

    It's always the ending of the video where Circletoons pulls off his most AMAZING joke. We go go from a light-hearted discussion of video game skill points to MURDER!

  • Art The Obsidian Pickaxe
    Art The Obsidian Pickaxe

    Me: just google the best skill

  • Firepelt

    Me playing a japanese rpg because I was bored and needed an rpg to play. "Welp, even though I couldn't read a single letter, I've finally completed the game. Took me two weeks of being defeated and running back and forth but I've finally finished. Now let's take a look at the menu and... wait there were skill points. You telling me that I didn't need to spend 100k gold into health potions when I could have uped my HP?

  • Zeta The Sixth
    Zeta The Sixth

    The other word you were looking for is "Crevasse".

  • sci-fire games
    sci-fire games

    This is me but with ammo and other consumables (things that use up an item) like that because I’m afraid I’ll run out lol

  • Lucas C H Schander
    Lucas C H Schander

    This is totally me!

  • 4th Wall Security
    4th Wall Security

    And that's why game has a button to reset all points

  • Extremelightning

    Now this is relatable

  • Atharv Singh
    Atharv Singh

    Me in dark Soul with 10000 soul on 1hp trying not to die

  • Quinten

    "The aspect of choice is terrifying-" COMMUNISM: allow us to introduce ourselves...

  • Deadly Neurotoxin
    Deadly Neurotoxin

    This is why game devs have been removing choice for years now. Soon the only choice we'll have left is whether to play or not

  • Jonathan Moura
    Jonathan Moura


  • Dantivio

    Path of Exile in a nutshell

  • Mason Tramontana
    Mason Tramontana


  • Relic

    this is me in ark.

  • big brain
    big brain

    *edit the code and delete that stupid fucking rock*

  • Dragon James
    Dragon James

    I actually don't have that problem

  • 7qz

    And thats why you should watch atleast 17 videos before investing in the skill tree.

  • AcousticProfit

    I feel seen.

  • Cyber punk45
    Cyber punk45

    mfw welp, guess ill lifeskill

    • Cyber punk45
      Cyber punk45

      also butter pick plus max. Minin eff. N haste...II

  • Richard Holt
    Richard Holt

    Does anyone know a good rpg like this

  • Pascal Pretorius
    Pascal Pretorius

    I did my first whole playthrough of the witcher 3 without knowing about the health potions I am, as icecream sandwich would put ut square-brained

  • L u
    L u

    I am quite willing to spend skill points, but using items or materials is a different story.

  • Pie Avenger
    Pie Avenger

    This seems like a pretty heavy-handed explanation of the conundrum

  • Joshua de Jesús
    Joshua de Jesús

    Lol putting skill points on mining! That's like picking speechcraft in skyrim! IDIOT!

  • Steven Barnett
    Steven Barnett

    Fear of spending points is me to my core

  • Conservative Gamer
    Conservative Gamer

    Yup. My RPG playthroughs in a nutshell.

  • Red Boi
    Red Boi

    I mean,you can google it

  • Robert Parker
    Robert Parker

    This right here, this is why I quicksave before putting in skill points.

  • Bloody Reaper
    Bloody Reaper

    Oh the ending..

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez

    This happened to me in the witcher. Ruined my play through and just uninstalled the game

  • Andrew Shumate
    Andrew Shumate

    Unrealistic, I’m actually a person who does this but mainly cause the final boss being the hardest point in the game going from normal guy to god in 2 seconds makes every final boss a goblin

  • Tércio Francelino
    Tércio Francelino

    Ahah, so relatable.

  • Toad Judges you
    Toad Judges you

    Speed mining is actually the best one because he can mine more rock monsters

  • Karlo J. Ruiz Villanueva
    Karlo J. Ruiz Villanueva

    Moral of the story: Autosave at your own caution

  • Tactical Chunder
    Tactical Chunder

    This is why I love a game that has respecs. Not being allowed to respec is just a way to artificially extend play time if you wanna do new builds imo.

  • kamakazi gamer
    kamakazi gamer

    Anyone here just get the skill that sounds the coolest

  • Sticky

    0:54 Me playing Skyrim in a nutshell

  • Bange

    He should've read the wiki

  • Bruno Lucena
    Bruno Lucena

    Me right now in the witcher 3...

  • Hollow Galbraith
    Hollow Galbraith

    This is why you have a comfy archetype you fall back on. Wizard forever

  • Abandoned Cake
    Abandoned Cake

    Oboeshoesgames when playing borderlands be like:

  • caden likes scrambled eggs
    caden likes scrambled eggs

    Moral of the story: just search youtube what is the best build and you will be fine

  • UNIB

    there are 12 skills and he has 27 skill points something is not right

  • Professor Universe
    Professor Universe

    Me in the Spider-Man game

  • Nightingale

    Meanwhile Oblivion players be spamming spells and spacebar for those skill points

  • Gore Obsessed
    Gore Obsessed

    The older Diablo II fans can understand this back before they even had the three respecs

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor

    Me using my skill points for Endurance/Resilience Dark Souls. “Defence in this game must surely be important.” So much regret.

  • Helpless Crimson
    Helpless Crimson

    Speed mining is actually pretty good. Along with the striking skill. It would substantially increase your attack capabilities

  • Corinne Powers
    Corinne Powers

    *screams in Dark Souls 1*

  • Benjamin Christman
    Benjamin Christman


  • Rkill playz
    Rkill playz

    Little does the rock monster know that speed mining with a pickaxe as weapon of choice = speed mining to get a bonus attack buff to all rock monster plus attack speed

  • 5mut1

    hypixel skyblock dwarven mibes be like:

  • MysticNinja GC
    MysticNinja GC

    This is the definition of me and a new

  • Lucky Builder
    Lucky Builder

    I thought he was about to hit that monster with his pickaxe like a jackhammer or something after upgrading his mining speed so much

  • Mr. Latrei
    Mr. Latrei

    Just look up a guide online when you're that incapable of choosing xDDDD

  • animalking183

    That's me but the opposite I spend them all accidentally

  • jonathan collier
    jonathan collier

    Funny joke to you, *crippling anxiety to me.* I also don't use high grade consumables. I never know when I'm gonna need em. Even after the credits roll and I beat the game. Just can't be too careful...

  • tankmen

    He dumped 27 levels of xp into one branch in the skill tree why and how

  • Олег Тарасов
    Олег Тарасов

    I this is gold! Best cam rip video

  • Gabriel L
    Gabriel L

    I did the math, every teir of speed mining increases your speed and your damage output is timed by the current teir so you would be able to defeat le boss why did i make this

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