When You Finish a Game You Fell in Love With
A rollercoaster of emotions, admission free ;~;
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  • Ace2014Ace

    This feeling is bad, but what about when you have an old game on a disk, it's amazing, and before you finish it the disk stops working. The only way to get it back is to shell out $200+, then that disk stops working.

  • Red Fox
    Red Fox

    Steam games: Job Simulator -Also- Japanese Women: Animated Jigsaw

  • Railu Creativali
    Railu Creativali

    Live footage of me experiencing oneshot

  • SirSomeguy

    Aww... that’s me with Kingdom Hearts II. SHUT UP! It’s special to me and you can’t take that from me no matter what you say!

  • christiandk09

    This is me after god of war 2018

  • Hariol

    Me and my 672 never installed steam games feel attacked by that final sentence

  • Talal1N Alqahtani
    Talal1N Alqahtani

    This is like second son

  • Local Retard
    Local Retard

    Cave story is a good game

  • cheese mouse
    cheese mouse

    Lol pp6

  • Margaret Flis
    Margaret Flis

    Me playing a hat in time be like:

  • Thefoxmoonlight

    You get the same feeling after watching a good anime ;~; I dont think I even have a heart anymore

  • Owen Huseman
    Owen Huseman

    Me after beating Outer Wilds

  • Kenji 64
    Kenji 64

    Me w Dragon Quest XI

  • yellow animations
    yellow animations

    i will never forget the ending of a Assasin's Creed black flag

  • Captn'bassbeard

    Hollow knight

  • Ita Ita
    Ita Ita

    The witcher 3. Horizon zero dawn...and every dark souls.

  • Mr Snekk
    Mr Snekk

    Thankfully a solid amount of games i play either have tons of things to do and can be played countless times (dead cells, ror2), or they have a form new game+ But the only things to do in hollow knight are path of pain, pantheon 5 or beat the game in under 5 hours

  • gallowsCalibrator

    Dark souls triogly

  • Mason Park
    Mason Park

    Me with hollow knight

  • Itz Flamez
    Itz Flamez



    Resident evil 8 most saddes thing ive seeb

  • maxbees

    Bug fables

  • Charm Chaz
    Charm Chaz

    Me after playing life is strange

  • Philisofian_ Games
    Philisofian_ Games

    This is me when I finished Titan Fall 2

  • Cake

    Omg yes every time I play a super good game I can no longer enjoy less great games, even tho they are good aswell.

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack

    How felt with dying light....and when it got delayed indefinitely.

  • Doomsoul909

    Me playing dust: an Elysian tale. I am le gamer with many a game and many years under my belt. That game was perfection

  • Ginga Infinity
    Ginga Infinity

    This was p5r for me such a perfect ending good and bad

  • Gregory Hipwell
    Gregory Hipwell

    Bioshock 2 has the saddest ending ever and you can't convince me otherwise

  • Alex

    This happened to me with a hat in time

  • Justaguy215

    4 words night in the woods

  • Awssomeplayer236 Roblox
    Awssomeplayer236 Roblox

    The legend of Zelda breath of the wild in a nutshell

  • Sam -Y
    Sam -Y

    When I beat uncharted 4

  • LPDani123

    Ah yes, Pinal Pantasy 6, it's my favourite too

  • Souper813

    How I feel about Armored Core.

  • huevitocualquiera:D

    I actually feel that with hollowknight

  • Joanna Martin
    Joanna Martin

    this was basically hollow knight when I played it.

  • Cynical

    This is why i always get bored by the time i get to the final boss. I f i dont finish the game i can keep on playing it logic. also ill do every secret beat every boss then by the time i get to the final boss i just flick him and he dies.

  • GuyWithAHat

    Nice, you have Just Cause 2!... I haven't played that since 2016...

  • Slasher 7t47
    Slasher 7t47

    Hollow knight.

  • Patriboss

    This is how I felt with red dead redemption 2

  • UniverseSouッ

    Terraria be like

  • Max Kleefeld
    Max Kleefeld

    For me it was yesterday... damn it

  • The Dark Lord
    The Dark Lord

    When, you finish Corpse Party on PSP, you proceed to watch the anime and then play Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. Btw Corpse Party: Book of Shadows was so scary for me that I stopped playing it.

  • Jet Patto
    Jet Patto

    Me when I played Breath of the Wild for the first time:

  • SkillcraftHD

    100% true for at least 5 of my fsavourite games

  • Simp Hunter
    Simp Hunter

    This is how I felt with titanfall 2

  • Winds

    The first Last of Us, all the way, but the beginning still hits me like a truck even tho I know it's gonna happen

  • Luis Tonicher
    Luis Tonicher

    Me after finishing blood and wine dlc


    that happened to me when I finished subnautica D:

  • سيمون-Simon

    Same felling when i finished undertale .......damn so cringe I'm

  • Yemanjam 4 life
    Yemanjam 4 life

    = me finishing titanfall 2

  • Morgan Henry
    Morgan Henry

    Idc if this is cringe to say now but... Undertale. It changed me.

  • The Big Cheese
    The Big Cheese

    Me after finishing ff7r Me after finishing the last of us Me after finishing re4 Me after finishing re7 Me after finishing fallout nv

  • I like Stew
    I like Stew

    Just like watching an anime and there is no season 2

  • Brobler TheLink
    Brobler TheLink

    It do be like that sometimes

  • Mr Legendary#2
    Mr Legendary#2

    Shadows of mordor, yeah i miss it


    What's the song that play in that montages?

  • Simulacrum Dei
    Simulacrum Dei

    This is me after dark souls 1

  • Ancient viewer
    Ancient viewer

    steam and epic library that is nearly endless, let alone gog and indie collections and all those flash games and least we forget the twitch prime games... yeah not gonna play any of them, but they are all mine, my precious.

  • The_Man_Of_Atoms

    How I felt playing Ikenfell lol

  • charles h
    charles h

    This was me with Risk of Rain 2. I mean I can replay it as many times as I want but the initial discovering of all the items, enemies, and secrets can’t be replaced.

    • Mr Snekk
      Mr Snekk

      Too true

  • Carlo Ciotola
    Carlo Ciotola

    Me playing Yakuza 0 and then playing the entire Kiryu saga, just for how good the first one was

    • cedab 23
      cedab 23

      this man spittin facts

  • Joe Sweet
    Joe Sweet

    Red Dead Redemption 2 in a nutshell

  • Efehan Kacak
    Efehan Kacak

    Fnaf be like:

  • Noodle Doodle
    Noodle Doodle

    DOOM 2016

  • Mr.Springtrap

    Yakuza be like:

  • Iceboygumball

    Horace did this to me i haven't felt hapyness since

  • PF

    Hollow Knight Dark Souls 1 Dark Souls 3 Sekiro Souls games are really good at giving you post game depression

  • Dump Beats
    Dump Beats

    Titanfall 2

  • Mini Medals
    Mini Medals

    me with nitw:

  • Sith Lord Cross
    Sith Lord Cross

    Probably the best part about this is that he says “you know for a fact I’m not gonna play a single one of those steam games”

    • Chet Huttsux
      Chet Huttsux

      Omg yeah.


    Me with breath if the wild

  • KissMyAspergers

    You ain't hadda call me out like that at the end

  • Gabriel Haro
    Gabriel Haro

    0:16 THICC

  • Marlen Janes
    Marlen Janes

    A yes my favorite console pp6

  • Lemon aced
    Lemon aced

    This is what i felt like when finishing ghost of tsushima

  • jiddy30

    Thats why i play games witb pvp also

  • Jam

    lmao play it again in hardcore mode 😂


    But little did you know there were another whole storyline after the credits

  • The Salesman
    The Salesman

    I finished saints row 3 today. I never wanted the story mode to end, but it did... Hey at least I still got 4 to play and Gat outta hell!

  • Inquatic 336
    Inquatic 336

    Goodbye 4546B

  • Jordan Dykema
    Jordan Dykema


  • Anton Borissenko
    Anton Borissenko

    That's literally me and my buddy B4 we even finished It Takes Two. I have had tons of fun playing, but at the same time, I couldn't really stop thinking that we're getting closer to the end and preemptively feeling bad that it's ended.

  • Jack Colantuoni
    Jack Colantuoni

    Cough Cough Persona 5 Cough Cough


    When a anime u liked ended: 0:37

  • New Eden
    New Eden

    After Fallout 4, everything else felt mediocre. Hell it’s 2021 and I still can’t find a game that satisfies me like this game did

  • Big Stacks
    Big Stacks

    All souls borne games

  • Wyatt Gamer
    Wyatt Gamer

    I kinda feel this way with castle crashers. (You have my full permission to shit on me)

  • Mr. Noob
    Mr. Noob

    *sad gamer noises*

  • Michael Hitchcock
    Michael Hitchcock

    That's what it was like when me and my friends Castle Crashers. Those were the days I think it's been 4 years now. We're all in college and far away from one another but it's the game we always talk about when we get together.

  • Tiger kwk
    Tiger kwk

    I feel like this is what all people will feel when genshin impact is finished..

  • Elias Smith
    Elias Smith

    I with BioShock 2 I'm so sad

  • Majora Boy
    Majora Boy

    God... The dark souls memories

  • thomas Hyde
    thomas Hyde

    I loved ff7 remake soo much I watched the whole credits

  • monk donk
    monk donk

    Me with fallout 3

  • Matthew Jarrett
    Matthew Jarrett

    Me when I finished the Mass Effect Trilogy for the first time 🥲

  • Eldudio 14
    Eldudio 14

    Hollow knight

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J

    Me with dark souls. Tbh no other games hit the same so I just sorta kept playing it

  • Dax Ennenbach
    Dax Ennenbach

    Persona 5

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